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Polar Cool Fans will keep you Cool in the Summer
36 inch variable speed fan pictured

Beat the Heat
Stay Cool !!!
In Door & Out Door
 Evaporative water cooling systems.

Beat The Heat !!
Stay cooler with

          Portable Evaporative Cooling Fan's

                                         Polar Cool is a portable evaporative cooling system that is effective in providing spot and area cooling for a multitude of applications that normally would prove to be costly or inefficient to cool with refrigerator air.

All units feature high quality stainless steel cabinets, heavy duty pumps and long lasting pads. Operation is simple; connect to a water supply, plug into an electrical outlet and direct the fan to the desired area, then turn the unit on. Within minutes, the cool air produced will help increase the comfort level of employees, athletes, customers or animals.

Anywhere You Need to Beat the Heat!

PolarCool spot cooling
PolarCool is ideal for spot cooling specific areas when total building temperature control is not practical.
PolarCool evaporative cooling systems Dropes the temperture 20
Portable Evaporative Cooling Units provide spot cooling where you need it, when you need it.

• Automobile Services Areas
• Automotive Body Shops
• Manufacturing Plants
• Warehouses,Carpet Stores
• Loading Docks
• Auto Auctions
• Tire, Brake and Muffler Shops
• Horse Stables
• Retail Garden Centers
• Commercial Greenhouses
• Football Sidelines
• Outdoor Restaurants/Patios
 36" single peed ,   variable speed,    priced @ $3495.00 free delivery up to 25 mile radius of Dalton,Ga.

PolarCool for sport teams
All types of outdoor team sporting events can benefit from PolarCool... it helps teams "Defeat the Heat."
PolarCool outdoor dining

Enhance the pleasure of your outdoor dining by keeping guest cool and comfortable with PolarCool.

PolarCool for greenhouses
Green houses and garden centers are perfect areas for the effective cooling features of the PolarCool system.
PolarCool mobility
Industries that need cooling in any certain areas at a time can really benefit from the mobility of PolarCool.
PolarCool for automotive
PolarCool is ideally suited for the automotive environment. Service bays, garages, body shops, tire and brake centers, auto auctions.

Easy Maintenance... Easy Access...

PolarCool benefits
PolarCool 18 inch personal cooler

New from PolarCool:

18" Variable Speed "Personal Cooler" Model #6622-3000

$1,595.00 f.o.b. Dalton, Ga.

PolarCool portable water tank
Also Available:
Optional Portable Water Tank -
The convenience of your portable water tank eliminates the need for hoses and a water supply. Comes in 80 Gallon size.
Model #6622-5000


PolarCool Benefits & Features:
*4 size units -
    18"- $1795.00
    36"- $3495.00
    48" 220 watts -$4495.00
*Exterior wall mounting available on 36" unit
*Stinless Steel housing for durability, low maintenance    and long life
*Hinged top cover for easy access, maintenance
*Models available with Direct drive or Belt drive, single speed, or variable speed motor
*Optional 80 gallon portable water tank (when a water hose is not available)
*Fork lift channels permantly attached
*Controls, Valves in protected location
*NEW Crate shipping to prevent damage to the fan.

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