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Installation of Pontoon Boat Carpet:

Roll the carpet out completely, cut it to fit, leaving about a inch for final trim,Then fold it in half running the length of the deck. The carpet will be folded back on top of itself, on the other side of the deck.  By folding the carpet in half the length of the deck, you'll be able to kneel on the side of the pontoon boat and spread the marine adhesive,it's not very easy, but you can do it. Spread the marine glue in a circular pattern, just like laying tile.  By troweling the glue on in a circular motion you'll create "lines" of glue on the deck,  Apply the glue all over the exposed section of the deck and then fold the carpet over into the glue working the wrinkles out as you go. do the exact same thing to the other side.  Once you have completed, You will want to use some sort of heavy roller, a carpet roller, a heavy pipe or even a yard roller to compress the lines of glue into the back of the carpet.  You can use a stiff broom to press the carpet down as well.  If you do not do this step the carpet and glue will not adhere properly and you'll get bubbles, lines and other spots where the carpet will come up. Finally let the carpet and glue set up for 8-12 hours, you may want to use contact cement on the edges,  Once the carpet is adhered to the glue, proceed putting the railing on, and installing the trim.

Installation of Bass Boat Carpet:

First, remove all your storage compartment lids and hardware.  Make sure you get the old marine glue off.  After scraping the old glue off everywhere the bass boat was carpeted, take your drill with the stripping wheel and go over the areas that had glue on it.  The cleaner the surface the better.  Vacuum and wipe the areas down.

Next, measure and cut the boat carpet, start with the bass boat deck first.  Take a rough measurement; make sure you allow more than enough carpet, so you can trim it.  Make sure your grain is going in the right direction.  Work on one section at a time. Trowel the glue on and lay the carpet on the bass boat: it helps to have another person to help you with this.  Situate the carpet where you want it, and then start pressing and rubbing the carpet down, from the center to the edges.  Let the excess carpet over hang the edges for now. Press the boat carpet to the edges where you want to trim it.  Take a phillips screwdriver and run it along the edge, with pressure, where the trim cut will be.  You will notice the screwdriver will make a line on the edge this is  where you will cut it.  Remember, alway's measure twice and cut once!

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